Due to the recent law suits filed against the users of midi's in personal web pages, I have removed the music from my pages.
Please accept my apologies for a less than fun page!
If or when the world changes back to a non-greedy status, I may add music back into my web pages.

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When transistor radios were all the rage!

Here I am, yours truly, on Christmas morn, grooving to the tunes of WMEX radio, Boston, Massachusetts!

And Daddy, God bless his heart, modeling the latest in fashionable headwear ~ from "Tin Pan Alley" ~ called "trash-barrel chapeau"!

Why is it that Dads always seemed to get trash barrels for Christmas?

Here is my darling Nana getting a great big hug from her friend, H.W.

My brother and I had some rollicking times with Nana up in her apartment in the Old Days...Nana played 33 rpm records (yes, the vinyl variety) and the three of us danced around her place to the tunes of The Chad Mitchell Trio. I have now graduated to owning CD's of Chad's old albums, which are better than ever!

We grew up in a simpler time, in a small fishing town in the Northeast United States ~ called

Marblehead, Massachusetts.

We were very fortunate children back then - coming from a home with a Mom and Dad, having 3 squares a day without question, and always enjoying the company of some sort of pet in the family be it a dog, a cat or a parakeet or two. We almost never went without a pet in the house, which was the contributing factor to my current love of all creatures great and small today.

Below you will meet the woman I have to thank for all those years of my carefree youth - my Mum Janet, who along with Daddy made our home a welcome retreat for our friends and a place we were proud to call "Our Home" in Marblehead. I salute my mother (now known to many as "Grammy J") who did so much for us for all those years, and wish her all good things. Mum is seen below as a member of the Marblehead Junior High Band

and she is now the proud and happy owner of her own web site which she is, at this very moment, working hard to improve and build upon. So if you've a mind to see what a grandmother with little web experience can accomplish ~ Visit Grammy J by clicking on the banner below.

Give her some kind words of encouragement ~ it's a great achievement to get this far and a pat on the back from friends would go a long way....

This is our dear cat, Isabelle Elizabeth, with whom we share Crow Cottage. She is the main caretaker of the place, spending more time here than anyone else.

~ But there are other Creatures who reside here ~

Every now and again, these two hooligans allowed us to use the sofa in the living room, but most days (or nights) they make themselves very comfortable there. But why shouldn't they? They ARE God's creatures, after all, and who are we to deny them a little rest and relaxation after a hard day's work guarding the property!




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