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Our Muffin Collie-Flower sadly passed away on June 28, 1999, after a 2 year struggle with cancer. She was a brave and cheerful dog and she taught all of us some important lessons in life. We miss her terribly every single day. If you would care to visit her tribute page it can be found HERE

Our Jasmine Rose is a hooligan, as usual, but continues to delight her family with lots of loves and shenanegins! She keeps (kitty) Isabelle on her toes, as well!

Muff and Jazz

MUFFIN (left) & JAZZY-GIRL (right)




On September 28, 1999, Whitby Crowell came to live at Crow Cottage. Whitby is a lovely sable and white rough-coated collie who was all of 14 weeks old when she moved in with her "new" big sister, Jasmine Rose. Whitby promptly has taken over our household and the place has never been the same since then!

Above is a picture of Whitby and family on the day of her arrival at Crow Cottage.


And here's Whitby at 8 months old (left) looking like a perfect angel...on the right, at about 6 months old, doing her best to stir up trouble and keeping her 8 year old sister Jazzy on her toes!




Of interest to visitors of this web site ~ and

it is ~ you guessed it ~ more COLLIES at

LadSpruce Meadow

located in Englewood, Tennessee.

Dennis and Mary Caldwell own and breed the most wonderful collie dogs and Spruce Meadow was our Jasmine's home before becoming the Princess of Crow Cottage.

This handsome creature is "Spruce Meadow's Legacy" ~ better known as "LAD" ~ and what a fine lad he is! Not only a fine laddie, but he's our Jasmine's DAD as well.

Jazzy LadJasmine Rose (left) and Lad-the-Dad (right) ~ Can you see the resemblance?


Couldn't resist just one more look at Lad the Dad!
Many thanks to Dennis for the loan of these wonderful photographs of Lad! There are lots more of Lad and the rest of the gang at Spruce Meadow!

Dennis and Mary's web site is a good one for feasting your eyes on these special dogs. It's also a good place to visit if you're thinking about adding a beautiful collie to your family! They are outstanding dogs, with wonderful personalities and will add greatly to any loving family.

~ The collies there will make you smile ~

~ And ease your weary mind a while ~



So until we meet again we bid you adieu.




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